Palm Springs Weekend Of Masturbation 14-18 OCT 2021.

Palm Springs
Weekend Of Masturbation
14-18 OCT 2021.

Vista Grande Resort.


574 S Warm Sands Drive,
Palm Springs, California 92264


Please support our Host Hotel as this event doesn’t happen without them.

Healthy Friction Weekend of Masturbation is a 4 day event.
Thursday kickoff at the Meet N Greet at 5pm
Thursday 14 OCT – check out Monday 18 OCT
Capacity 80.
25 rooms blocked for the Weekend of Masturbation.
These rooms are available: 41,42,43
2 registration slots available to register to get a book code to book room.

3 night minimum at the Host hotel: Vista Grande Resort.
Register first with Healthy Friction, get the code to book your Room
Locals also welcome: Register as a local. (local registration shut until hotel is full).

Vaccination Passport or CDC card
Proof of vaccination required in advance.


Registration and Introduction:
130.00 for Vista Grande Resort registration.
165.00 for local’s registration. (local registration shut until hotel is full).
Capacity for this Weekend 80.

Registration Rates subject to change until registered.






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What is Healthy Friction?
14-18 OCT 2021 with vaccination passport

It’s a 4 day Weekend of Masturbation to celebrate your Penis.
It’s also a Masturbation Vacation and a Bate Reunion.Mutual Consent is Key.
Solo Masturbation.
Mutual Jack-Off..
Erotic and Sexy Touch..
Showing Off your Penis.
Enjoying the Show of Men Showing their Masturbation and Penis.
Twin-Jet Jacking, Penis to Penis Masturbation (C2C).
Frottage (Rubbing Bodies).
Circle Jerk around the Pools and Hot-Tubs
Oral Contact above the Waist like Kissing and Nipple Play.
Male Fellowship
Phallic Photography but in another Area away from the Main Room and Play Areas.!forum/healthy-friction

The Original Healthy Friction JO Parties in LA

The Original Healthy Friction JO Parties in Los Angeles.


I just came upon the original invite to Healthy Friction, way back when,
It was a fund raiser for ActUp-LA, and the new (at the time) Queer Nation LA,
Here is the invite I handed out to cute guys in travels, either at my FAV Leather Bar at the time,
“The One Way”, on Hoover in Silver Lake, or in the many (new to LA) protests, around the “Southland”,
in these days ActUp was very sexy, and this was a way for me to promote JO as a Sexy Activity,
and the first one just in time for my Birthday in OCT 1989.

I left these invites on the table for the meetings of ActUp-LA
without telling anyone that was me on the Invite, oh it got talked about, oh so much…
ActUp culture required that we debate and converse whether this fundraiser would get the official endorsement during one of our usual TUE night meetings in West Hollywood Park, where there would be between 35-90 people in attendance. It was amusing to me, My getting to sell the idea of ActUp-LA promoting JO, which of course, is the original “Safe Sex”, so of course, they did, but not without having to talk about masturbation for some 20 minutes, (sly grin), I was amused and aroused the entire time.

Later on, the photo I used of myself, from my Chad James film shoots, showed my curved dick, which got a lot of talk in the ActUp-LA gossip pages, also handed out on the table at our weekly meetings.
I loved the way it was argued about whether my dick curved up, down, or left!

Yes, I was the artist and creator of this invite, OCT 1989 edition, the very first Healthy Friction.

                                                                    For more info on Chad James: