Fort Lauderdale Weekend of Masturbation 05-09 August 2021.

As with all plans made during the time of COVID-19, plans made in advance may need to be altered and edited for the moment at hand.

Fort Lauderdale 05-09 AUG 2021

The 3rd weekend at the fabulous Pineapple Point Resort. Planning on 2019 protocols with 2021 vaccination passport, already in the works that you save on your phone like an Airline Boarding Pass.
No masks and Distance use your vaccination passport.
Proof of vaccination required.
Capacity 80.

Support our Host Hotel.
Healthy Friction could not happen without them.

Host Hotel is Pineapple Point Resort.

Registration required for you to get a booking code to call the  Pineapple Point Guest House to reserve your room.
Address: 315 NE 16th Terrace, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
Phone: (954) 527-0094 

Locals are welcome: Register in the 2nd slot as a local,
including those staying at other hotels or with friends. 
Register with eventbright to get the code to book the room:

Registration and Introduction:
$130.00 for guesthouse registration.
$149.99 for locals registration.

Locals also welcome: Register as a local.

Directions and Map.


What is Healthy Friction?
August 05-09 2021 with vaccination passport

It’s a 4 day Weekend of Masturbation to celebrate your Penis.
It’s also a Masturbation Vacation and a Bate Reunion.

Mutual Consent is Key.
Solo Masturbation.
Mutual Jack-Off..
Erotic and Sexy Touch..
Showing Off your Penis.
Enjoying the Show of Men Showing their Masturbation and Penis.
Twin-Jet Jacking, Penis to Penis Masturbation (C2C).
Frottage (Rubbing Bodies).
Circle Jerk around the Pools and Hot-Tubs
Oral Contact above the Waist like Kissing and Nipple Play.
Male Fellowship
Phallic Photography but in another Area away from the Main Room and Play Areas.!forum/healthy-friction