Palm Springs Weekend Of Masturbation 13-17 October 2022.

Edge in Palm Springs by Healthy Friction.
13-17 October 2022.
4 day Weekend of Masturbation.
Check in Thursday. Check out Monday.
Thursday-Monday. No refund for early check out.

Up to date COVID Vaccination proof needs to be sent to
healthy along with your registration.

Healthy Friction strongly advises the MPox Vaccine.
MPox Vax locations, updated daily.

Support our Host Hotel. (sold out).
Healthy Friction could not happen without them.
All rooms are blocked off for Healthy Friction.

The Host Hotel is sold out, we have a wait-list, register as a local then ask to be on the wait-list.


Local registration is the 2nd slot down on eventbrite.
Over-flow Hotels are at the bottom.

Host Hotel is Vista Grande Resort.

The Host Hotel is sold out, we have a wait-list,
register as a local then as to be on the wait-list.



Registration required for you to get a booking code then call the Vista Grande Resort to reserve your room.
Phone: (760) 322-2404
574 South Warm Springs Drive, Palm Springs CA 92264 
Locals also welcome: Register as a local.(2nd slot).

Link for the Google Map, PSP Airport to Vista Grande resort.


Locals are welcome:
Register in the 2nd slot as a local,
including those staying at other hotels or with friends.


Register with eventbrite to get the code to book the room,
Then call Vista Grande Resort immediately and reserve a room. Phone: (760) 322-2404

Registration and Introduction:
$200.00 for guesthouse registration. per person.
$200.00 for locals registration. per person.




Healthy Friction’s Merchandise including T-Shirts.
Perfect for the gym and the Meet n Greet on THU 5-7pm 13 October 2022.

Meet N Greet Thursday 13 October 2022:
5-7pm at the Tool Shed.



Stay informed, join the healthy friction google group:

The Host Hotel is sold out, we have a wait-list, register as a local then ask to be on the wait-list.

Over-flow for Edge in Palm Springs, Healthy Friction 13-17 October 2022.

El Mirasol Villas
525 S Warm Sands Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264
(760) 327-5913
Minimum stay 4 nights. Rate $169, ask for the Healthy friction rate.
2 rooms available.
2 minute walk.

Motel 6 Palm Springs, CA – Downtown

660 S Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Quality Inn Palm Springs Downtown
390 S Indian Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Travelodge by Wyndham Palm Springs
1269 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Adara Hotel Palm Springs

1450 S Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Hyatt Palm Springs

285 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262


What is Healthy Friction?
Edge in Palm Springs 13-17 October 2022. (PSP).

Up to date COVID Vax proof needs to be sent to with registration.

Healthy Friction strongly advises the MPox Vaccine.

It’s a 4 day Weekend of Masturbation to celebrate your Penis.
It’s also a Masturbation Vacation and a Bate Reunion.

Mutual Consent is Key.
Solo Masturbation.
Mutual Jack-Off..
Erotic and Sexy Touch..
Showing Off your Penis.
Enjoying the Show of Men Showing their Masturbation and Penis.
Twin-Jet Jacking, Penis to Penis Masturbation (C2C).
Frottage (Rubbing Bodies).
Circle Jerk around the Pools and Hot-Tubs
Oral Contact above the Waist like Kissing and Nipple Play.
Male Fellowship
Phallic Photography but in another Area away from the Main Room and Play Areas.
Bring a towel to set on in your Bate travels.

Gather in small groups to go out to dinner or the gym. Invite others along.!forum/healthy-friction

Healthy Friction Fund.

Healthy Friction had to cancel both the May and July events.
Healthy Friction could use your financial help at this time.
Thank you for your donation.

Healthy Friction T-shirts and other Item.



Thanks for visiting my online shop! Find what you’re looking for yourself or great gifts for your friends. You’ll find unique merchandise with my art on t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, stickers, and more.


Fort Lauderdale Stiff



Palm Springs Hard






Touch It



Look at It



Solo Together



Fort Lauderdale AUG 2020






Pool Party Ft Lauderdale



California Palms (clear design



California Palms, (blue box).



I love you California.



California Heat.



All Hands On.



(PSP) Palm Springs.



Healthy Friction Georgia.



It's feels good in California.



Endless Summer in Key West.



Healthy Friction The Desert Dream.



Cock Republic Key West.



California Dreaming.



Tropical Island.



BRC 2016.



Fun and Sun in Palm Springs.



 Fun Sun And ...



Palm Springs Fly In.



BRC 2014.



Bate Expo 2014.



Return to Fort Lauderdale.



BRC 2013.



Wank Fest 2013.



BRC 2012.


BRC 2012.
BRC’s largest Circle Jerk: 2012

Homecoming to Palm Springs.



Healthy Friction Logo.


Healthy Friction Logo.
Original Healthy Friction Logo Series of Products

Healthy Friction Loves Palm Springs.






Healthy Friction Starlight.



Healthy Friction at Burning Man.

Healthy Friction 7th Annual Burning Man 2016 Circle Jerk.

Thursday 01 September 2016: Noon – 2:30pm
Comfort and Joy

Healthy Friction Circle Jerk at BRC - No Year

Radio Ad to be played on BMIR.


       Artisan Lube made especially for Healthy Friction’s Burning Man Circle Jerk. 


A celebration of Masturbation, Maleness, and your Penis.
Cum show off your sexy technique in Black Rock City's 
Biggest Circle Jerk.
Artisan JO Lube provided.

Black Rock City: Comfort and Joy.

Cum Show off your Maleness

A celebration of Masturbation, Maleness, and your Penis.
Cum show off your sexy technique in BRC’s Biggest Circle Jerk.
Artisan JO Lube provided.

Black Rock City: Comfort and Joy,

Cum Show off your Maleness!

For more info on Comfort and Joy


The History of Healthy Friction at Burning Man.

Radio Ad playing on BMIR 2015.
2015 6th Annual Burning Man Logo:
Radio Ad playing on BMIR 2014.


2014 5th Annual Burning Man Circle Jerk Logo:


2013 Healthy Friction Burning Man Logo:

2012 Healthy Friction Burning Man Logo:

2011 Healthy Friction Burning Man Logo:

2010 Healthy Friction, Hey Handsome Burning Man Logo

2009: Healthy Friction Logo for Healthy Friction:

Healthy Friction also does a Weekend of Masturbation
in Palm Springs and Key West.

The culture of Photography and Videos at Healthy Friction.

Every Photographer/Videographer agrees to always ask permission before taking a photo.
Burning Man does this, and it’s easy.
Just communicate.

If Photos are going to be taken, you’ll know, because the photographer will ask first,
No worries.
No One will be take your photo without your permission.

If a photo/video gets taken of you and YOU don’t agree to it, ask the photographer to delete it! Easy.
Perhaps I will make some signs that can designate the area we might be doing the photography, easily it can be away from the Focus Room, so there should be no question or issue for anyone.
Button from Burning Man 2009 from the camp that educates this social custom and etiquette.
From the Bureau of Erotic Discourse, URL for this camp at Burning Man below.

Burning Man’s number one rule of etiquette for photography is Ask First – you should get permission before taking somebody’s photo. Does this mean you can’t grab a shot of somebody cruising by on a really cool bike, or capture a compelling scene you happen to see through your telephoto lens? No, of course not – realistically, you should ask first whenever realistically possible. But the question you have to ask yourself before pressing the shutter is “Am I invading this person’s privacy in any way?”. If the person is fully or partially nude, in the middle of some obviously very private moment, or doing anything that perhaps they would not want the whole world to see, then yes, you definitely need to ask first – do not press the shutter. If somebody is doing henna body painting on a nude model in Center Camp, and there are a dozen people with cameras surrounding them snapping away, can you just jump in and take pictures as well? No you can’t – instead, set an example for the others. Go up to the model and ask first. Some of the other photographers undoubtedly already did so, and the ones who did not perhaps will appreciate the reminder that they should have.

I'm not looking for any action photos in the house itself, that makes the guys nervous. 
I think the Burning Man rule of asking for permission to take a photo works. 
In fact, I set up areas away from the normal action to take stills of who ever wants photos, 
like beside the house under a tree, or even next door on a patio that doesn't get used.
So it's good for privacy.

We can even use my private room in the house. 

Let me make it clear, No One will have their photo taken without the expressed consent to do so. 
The Rules need discussion, it's FUN!
Like any other boundaries kind of action like Dominant/Sub, S&M, Role Play Game, Daddy-Son, etc.

If you see me with my Camera out, 
well then follow me where I'm leading if you want you photo taken.
 If you don't want your photo taken, Don't follow me! 

Healthy Friction B-737 Large

Join us in our yahoo group:

Click to join HealthyFriction
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The Original Healthy Friction JO Parties in LA

The Original Healthy Friction JO Parties in Los Angeles.


I just came upon the original invite to Healthy Friction, way back when,
It was a fund raiser for ActUp-LA, and the new (at the time) Queer Nation LA,
Here is the invite I handed out to cute guys in travels, either at my FAV Leather Bar at the time,
“The One Way”, on Hoover in Silver Lake, or in the many (new to LA) protests, around the “Southland”,
in these days ActUp was very sexy, and this was a way for me to promote JO as a Sexy Activity,
and the first one just in time for my Birthday in OCT 1989.

I left these invites on the table for the meetings of ActUp-LA
without telling anyone that was me on the Invite, oh it got talked about, oh so much…
ActUp culture required that we debate and converse whether this fundraiser would get the official endorsement during one of our usual TUE night meetings in West Hollywood Park, where there would be between 35-90 people in attendance. It was amusing to me, My getting to sell the idea of ActUp-LA promoting JO, which of course, is the original “Safe Sex”, so of course, they did, but not without having to talk about masturbation for some 20 minutes, (sly grin), I was amused and aroused the entire time.

Later on, the photo I used of myself, from my Chad James film shoots, showed my curved dick, which got a lot of talk in the ActUp-LA gossip pages, also handed out on the table at our weekly meetings.
I loved the way it was argued about whether my dick curved up, down, or left!

Yes, I was the artist and creator of this invite, OCT 1989 edition, the very first Healthy Friction.

                                                                    For more info on Chad James: